Pyrolusite, Calcite – Ardestan (IRN)

ID: 1847

minerals: Pyrolusite, Calcite

location: Boznain abandoned mine, Ardestan area, Esfahan prov., Iran

size: 8,5 x 7 x 2 cm


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Since a few years some very interesting discoveries were made in Iran, mayn of you will remember the wulfenite from Ahmad Abad, cerussite from Nakhlak, erythrite from an abandoned copper mine or zunyite from Qalat-e Bala!
New here is fresh stuff; and something unusual on the mineral market. A local collector in Iran found a spot with a cool combination of pyrolusite on calcite in an abandoned mine. He was able to extract some very interesting and aesthetic pieces. Usually pyrolusite isn’t such an attractive mineral, but the combination with calcite changes everything. These two minerals are completely different in habit, color and size. I think you will agree that this is anything but boring.

What a bizarre item; the pyrolusite looks like lava in this vug.

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