Fluorite – Sulzbach (GER)

ID: 1865

minerals: Fluorite

location: Sulzbach, Donaustauf fluorite district, Bavaria, Germany

size: 13,5 x 8 x 0,5 cm


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I was able to obtain a few very fine fluorite specimens from a historic German mining area. A recent find of local collectors produced a limited number of fluorite specimens that were cut to slices. Cutting fluorite is a hard task, but they managed to get some beautiful slices with 4 – 6 mm thickness. This means the specimens are thick enough to be stable while being thin enough to glow in backlight. One side was cut, the other side was polished.

This also shows uncountable numbers of layers of different colored fluorite generations. Compared to the others, this item shows another range of colors in backlight. It ranges from violet, blue green without yellow/orange. I haven’t seen anything like this from a location in Germany before. What an awesome piece, one of my personal favorites!

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