Descloizite – Hochobir (AUT)

ID: 1985

minerals: Descloizite

location: Hochobir, Carinthia, Austria

size: 6,5 x 5,5 x 2 cm


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I was able to acquire some historic specimens from an old family collection in Marseille, gathered up between the late XIXth century and the 1960's by successive generations of collectors (probably city dignitaries). This collection featured hundreds of specimens that were exclusively purchased from Deyrolle, a prominent Parisian naturalist dealer in this period, and had been kept stored in their original box until today, carefully sorted in several custom-made wooden mineral drawer cabinets. The specimens by themselves date back from the early XIXth century up to the first half of the XXth century and consist mostly in European and American classics, as well as rare species and systematics ore samples.

This kind of specimen is a rarity even in Austria, specimens from the Hochobir are hard to find. This beautiful, historic item shows thousands of micro-crystallized descloizite on matrix forming a sparkling surface. It is in excellent condition and comes with the original label and the original box they were stored in since decades. You have the rare opportunity to get such a historic piece.

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